is the first such project in motorcycles industry in Europe. The idea was to develop an retail platform taking the shape of passage. It is the place where various companies could sell their goods in their own branded shops but below the umbrella of brand. This place is a part of integrated platform merging the best polish motorcycle-focused internet portal, application allowing to configure your vehicle and clothes, or online insurance broker and more. All features combined with a single account. It is a groundbreaking event on a great scale in the motorcycle industry, both in Poland and Europe. Our challenge was to create a coherent and characteristic identity of brand with comprehensive passage layout creation. It assures our client of maximum image benefits, and giving high-class platform with unique features for the customer. The task was to construct the information architecture through deep usability analysis and planning all possible content layouts. This brought us to the creation phase in which we design over 100 passage layouts with all necessary elements and rules. The system creates for its users lots of capabilities related to products as well as services. It required a carefully thought out design showing all functionalities and information in attractive and effective form.

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