Portierge is a new Polish brand of showrooms with woodworks of unusual ideological foundations. The founders are convinced that people devote to much of their time to the objects that surround them, which results from a low quality of products made in a way that they need to be constantly exchanged, which means that the new ones need to be bought. According to this idea, reliably made products do not distract people from their daily lives, since they fulfil their functions without any problems. Portierge expects that its philosophy, based on seeing, most of all, a human in a customer, backed up by a services provided by the first-class specialists, will encourage other companies from various industries to act in the same manner and make life more positive. The project assumption was to transfer the difference in work philosophy, attitude to a customer and a service offered to them, to visual identity so the distance between Portierge and competition was visible at a first contact with the brand. When designing the brand at the back of our mind we had Bauhaus aesthetics whose ideologies not only humanised the world of craft, but also set new place of creator in a society. Beauty in simplicity and functionality. Credits: Branding & Design: Redkroft Studio Copywriting: Mariusz Ruciński (Portierge), Redkroft Studio Interior Design: Dark Chocolate Design & Architecture, Redkroft Studio Vehicle Photos via: Mercedes-Benz & Škoda The project has received the following awards: Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2015 IWP Good Design 2014 STGU Project of the Year 2013

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